[Tweeters] Dead gulls in Mukilteo

Kelly McAllister mcallisters4 at comcast.net
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Well, the idea that government property is out of WDFW’s jurisdiction is laughable. Fish and Wildlife officers commonly patrol all ownerships, federal, state, local, private. If the dead gulls were on the bottom of Puget Sound, the ownership would be Washington Department of Natural Resources which is clearly subject to the authority of state Fish and Wildlife.

The reference to the Department of Agriculture is plausible. The Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services regularly kills gulls, legally, under their rather broad permit and the contracting they enter into with entities that are experiencing property damage or nuisance wildlife problems. I don’t, however, know if USDA Wildlife Services would tie gulls on a string and weight them down to the bottom of Puget Sound.

Kelly McAllister

Olympia, Washington

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My husband was scuba diving in Mukilteo when he & his partner came across a horrifying sight. All

along the Boeing Pier, east of the ferry, were at least a dozen dead gulls strung by their legs! He called

the Department of Fishing & Wildlife poaching hotline to report his findings. He was told that it was government

property, out of their jurisdiction & a matter with the Department of Agriculture. He then told me that he was

going to continue to pursue this barbaric matter. We live in south King county so it’s difficult for us to monitor the

situation. Does anyone up in this area know of this practice?


Mary Frey


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