[Tweeters] Ilwaco Bar-Tailed Godwit

Charles Desilets csdesilets at comcast.net
Fri Oct 9 16:12:00 PDT 2015

I stayed in Long Beach on Wednesday and Thursday nights and managed to bird
the Ilwaco mudflats several times during my stay. I found the BTGO in a ~50
Marbled Godwit flock that others have reported around 4 PM on Wednesday at
the SE corner of the marina. I returned on Thursday at about the same time
and place and relocated the Godwit flock again fairly far out across bay,
and after I and another birder scoped it several times, found the BTGO
again. There were several raptors around and the birds kept flushing and
moving further across the bay towards Stringtown. This morning, a remnant
of an offshore hurricane hit the peninsula, so it may have scattered the
flock to some other shelter.

Charles Desilets


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