[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 9 October 2015

Scott Ramos lsr at ramoslink.info
Fri Oct 9 14:18:58 PDT 2015

Typical October morning, overcast, a little drizzle, not too breezy with good looks out to the lake. Lots of activity today with several autumnal singers. Most ponds are still bone dry; Entrance Pond is usually full with lots of ducks but is still just a large puddle. I fear the excessive planting, up to the water’s edge of most ponds, has accelerated the eutrophication process to the point that some “ponds” may never recover. A good, wet winter could help; we’ll see what happens next. Anyway, the birds ….

Green-winged Teal - at least 8, newly arrived
Common Merganser - just 1, at the swim beach
Pied-billed Grebe - several; a couple juveniles still showing their head stripes
Horned Grebe - many, different locations
Western Grebe - back in large numbers; the traditional large flock (>40) way out in lake near Kirkland
American Coot - 1 bird sitting on NOAA floating barrier; could see a large flock of several dozen over by Matthew’s Beach
Wilson’s Snipe - calling from West Meadow
Mew Gull - they’re back; many dozen flew to ballfields, then to swim platform
Herring Gull - first of fall, on swim platform (photo: https://goo.gl/SQRH2i)
PEREGRINE FALCON - when a Bald Eagle flew by the lake shore (north end), the Peregrine emerged from the trees, scolding the intruder; it made a couple of sweeping circles over the park, then flew across the lake
Varied Thrush - several; most on and above trail at south fence line
Cedar Waxwing - probably a hundred or more; several large flocks flying in a group or foraging on hawthorn berries
Fox Sparrow - couple dozen, still lots of singing
WHITE-THROATED SPARROW - in mixed flock on south fence trail (photo: https://goo.gl/Qfu8CO <https://goo.gl/Qfu8CO>)

For the day, 43 species; with PEFA and WTSP new, 134 for the year
Checklist: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S25355103 <http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S25355103>
Scott Ramos

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