[Tweeters] August Common Murre Wreck

Tom Merritt birders.2341 at comcast.net
Wed Oct 7 20:57:28 PDT 2015

In reply to the message regarding the August Common Murre Wreck.
Information is still coming in, but COASST has been monitoring it and
recently posted an
d=c4260c523b&e=52f82daf73> infographic
with considerable information regarding the wreck. The mortality rate seems
to be highest off the Northern and Southern Washington coasts. However, the
wreck extended from Alaska to Northern California. We personally surveyed
two beaches at Ocean Shores during the WOS convention. On one beach we had
34 beached birds and on the other we found 74 birds. 85 to 90 percent were

Tom Merritt

Seattle, WA

Birders.2341 at comcast.net

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