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Part of our property is in a wetland and/or buffer. About 20 years ago, a
couple of cottonwood lost their tops in a wind storm. One landed on a
neighbor's house. We petitioned the county to allow us to remove the other
trees that could fall on their house. The county arborist determined the
trees were a danger and gave us permission to remove them.

His report stated, "When cottonwoods reached that age and height, Flicker
make nests in them destroying the structural integrity causing the tops to
break off at the nest site." When we cut up the trees, we found areas that
were as the arborist described.

The trees that were far enough away, were not taken down. Flickers still
nest in them and the tops break off during wind storms.

Bob & Bernie Meyer
BobnBernie at outlook.com

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I have Red-breasted Sapsuckers (RBSA) in my neighborhood (southeast
Shoreline), all year round. After our big windstorm in September, the top
twentyfive feet of the two next door cottonwoods blew off, and now I can see
the RBSAs much easier. I also have a picture of a juvie RBSA
drinking/bathing at my ground bird bath, so there is also some local

Christine Southwick
N Seattle/Shoreline
clsouthwick at q.com

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> Francis,

> I saw my first RBSS in months, today, by the Montlake Bridge. Larry

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