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Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Wed Oct 7 08:17:10 PDT 2015

Recently I've lamented about my misguided writing about directions from Port Townsend. I keep saying West , when I mean East. Ordinarily pretty good at orientation, I've been wondering what is going on with me!
Well, I think I've got it figured out. Neah Bay.
You see, Neah Bay is kinda like the Bermuda Triangle of Washington State, with one difference - instead of things getting just plain lost, never to be seen again, at Neah you can actually find lost things, like birds for example. Maybe some intelligent Birdologist out there in tweeter land could inform us more about this phenomenon. At any rate, being on the same peninsula as the place, and being sort of a sensitive guy, I wonder if some buried ancient meteorite is messing with the magnetic field out there and it's affecting me here in Port Townsend. I just don't know.
Recently three birds were gathered at a sign in downtown Neah Bay - it was one of those map deals that had a little marker on it which read, YOU ARE HERE.
One of the birds was a little Lucy's Warbler. "Neah Bay!" she miffed, "I'd rather be neah a mesquite tree. I'd even settle for a creosote bush! What's up with all this damp mossy stuff around here?"
"You got me, honey" replied a nearby Eurasian Hobby. " I was on my way to Europe, and wound up here too."
"Yerp?" the small warbler inquired." Is that a small place?"
"Oh no, it's huge - I can't believe I couldn't find it!" the Hobby said.
The third bird was an Orchard Oriole. " This sure ain't Mexico. I was hoping to be digging into a big plateful of chapulines by now". The birds were still commiserating when I walked up.
" Well, now, what a little club of the mis-directed we have here!" I quipped. "Myself, I was headed West to Everett, and wound up here. Go figure."
Two old fisherman sitting at the nearby cafe, were watching this sign gathering.
" That's just so Neah" one said.
"Yup", the other replied.

Jeff GibsonPort Townsend Wa

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