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Perceptive naturalist's might have noted my faux pas, or boo boo if you will, concerning the direction of the sunrise around here, which is traditionally in the East.
Having spent most of my life on the West side of the Sound (or Salish Sea, as in Bellingham) I keep getting my wires crossed here in Port Townsend, even after almost after almost two years camped out here. For me, looking across the Sound has always meant West. I suppose I could blame it on contact dementia (via my parents) but it's largely my own relatively sudden change in perspective, I think.
Jeff Gibsonjust sayin'Port Townsend Wa

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Sometimes Mother Nature's Lighting Department pulls a really big gift out of her bag of tricks - take this morning's sunrise, as viewed from a hill in Port Townsend - for example.
I just experienced the sunrise of a lifetime (again) from my parents house here in PT, which sports a spectacular view West of the Cascade Mountain skyline (from Baker to Rainier) , along with the islands and the Sound. Right now it would qualify as pretty nice, but from about 7 to 7:20 am it was brilliant beyond words, or photography. Really put the Awe back in awesome.
While quite adept at landscape, and general nature photography in the film age (I got the slides to prove it) I haven't quite made the digital transition yet. So I can't share any photos, and I do have the urge to share, but this mornings sunrise was so amazing that even if I did ,most folks would think I photoshopped it anyway. A Kodak moment? No, way beyond that - you had to have been here. Or somewhere.
Sunrise and sunset light shows around these parts can go through a fascinating evolution as the sun lights up varying layers of clouds in it's rising and setting process, especially in these shorter days, as the Sun takes a bit longer to show up above, or sink below, the horizon.
Hope you had a good sunrise.
Jeff Gibsonlooking aroundPort Townsend Wa

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