[Tweeters] Red-Breasted Sapsucker in Seattle last week

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We live in a rural area between Renton and Issaquah. We see them making and
visiting sap wells on a Birch tree in our yard and using a nest tree in a
lot across the street.

We have been feeding birds for over twenty years. We have Pileated and
Flicker daily along with Hairy and Downy in migration. We have never seen a
Sapsucker on our feeder.

In the past, I conversed with birders on the east coast who rarely saw
Flickers and never on a feeder. They were jealous we had so many close
enough to take pictures.

The same people stated the Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers fed from their suet
feeders and were surprised ours did not.

It would be interesting to hear other's experiences with Flicker and
Sapsuckers using suet.

Bob & Bernie Meyer
BobnBernie at outlook.com

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Hello Tweeters,
Last week on Monday, September 28 a glorious Red- Breasted Sapsucker
explored the trunk of a medium cypress about 5 yards from the dining room
table where Bunny and I sat! I also heard from a neighbor within three or
four blocks that she had had one view of a Sapsucker in her yard last week.
We live in the Madrona neighborhood at 412 36th Avenue. We have feeders
near the cypress but we did not see the Sapsucker on any of the feeders. I
haven't seen any other references to this species on recent Tweeters
messages. I wonder how common they are at this time of year.

Very best to all,

Fran and Bunny Wood_______________________________________________
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