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DJ is Dingall/Johnson and came in around 1950 as a tax on fishing equipment to support "Sport Fish Restoration".
I don't know what the actual splits are but I believe that both Funds are a 1 to 3 match. That is, 1 state dollar gets 3 Federal dollars. I think that distribution among the states is based on actual license sales. So, back when WDF and WDG were separate agencies and Fisheries licenses were free that they received no DJ funds so the whole of food fish operations came from General Fund or specific mitigation.

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Hal, what is the DJ part of your DJ/PR? PR no doubt represents The Pittman-Robertson, Federal aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, which put a 10% tax on sporting guns and ammo. But, " Congress in the early 1970's expanded the P-R revenue base to include handguns and archery equipment, and authorized States to spend up to half those revenues on hunter education and target ranges. ” ( http://www.fws.gov/southeast/federalaid/pittmanrobertson.html ) Do you know if that is just half of handgun taxes or all P-R funds?

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While continuing to beat an old dead horse, it is the hook and bullet crowd that essentially funds WDFW through license fees and DJ/PR taxes on gear.

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