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Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Mon Oct 5 12:12:20 PDT 2015

Hal, what is the DJ part of your DJ/PR? PR no doubt represents The Pittman-Robertson, Federal aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, which put a 10% tax on sporting guns and ammo. But, "Congress in the early 1970's expanded the P-R revenue base to include handguns and archery equipment, and authorized States to spend up to half those revenues on hunter education and target ranges.” (http://www.fws.gov/southeast/federalaid/pittmanrobertson.html <http://www.fws.gov/southeast/federalaid/pittmanrobertson.html>) Do you know if that is just half of handgun taxes or all P-R funds?

Larry Schwitters

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> While continuing to beat an old dead horse, it is the hook and bullet crowd that essentially funds WDFW through license fees and DJ/PR taxes on gear.

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