[Tweeters] RE: Sharp tailed Sandpipers and Elegant Terns and Ilwaco Boat Basin

Khanh Tran khanhbatran at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 4 21:31:06 PDT 2015

A great day at Ilwaco Boat Basin! In addition to the Bar tailed and Hudsonian Godwit, I found two SHARP TAILED SANDPIPERS feeding with 3 Pectorals in the late afternoon. These birds were feeding closely to the large flock of 40-50 godwits. The birds were along the mudflats towards the end of the Ilwaco boat basin parking lot. Walk on the grassy hillside along the treeline and you will see the extensive mudflat.

The tides were not in my favor today, even at high tide, the birds were far away for good photos and scope views.

While soaking in the nice rays and watching the godwits, five ELEGANT TERNS flew by. There were also a few Bonaparte's Gulls.

I will try to post a few photos soon. A whirlwind trip from the Wallowas to Ilwaco, WA in less than one day, so I'm tuckered out.

Peace, love and good birding.

Khanh Tran

From: khanhbatran at hotmail.com
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Subject: Bar tailed Godwit and Hudsonian at Ilwaco Boat Basin
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2015 19:24:30 +0000

I found a Bar Tailed Godwit along with the Hudsonian Godwit at noon today at the Ilwaco Boat Basin. Both birds are associating with a flock of 40 to 50 Marbled Godwit along the mudflats at a distance.

Judy Butts and I had good studies of all the godwits for a good hour. The Huddonian was much smaller and slender and moved much quicker than the others while feeding.

Good birding,

Khanh Tran

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