[Tweeters] WOS Meeting Monday Oct 5, 2015

Jane Hadley hadleyj1725 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 16:17:47 PDT 2015

Hello Tweeters - Blair Bernson, WOS's program chair, has several times
sent to Tweeters the program information for the WOS monthly program for
Monday Oct 5. However, this information has been scrubbed in the digest,
so many apparently have not seen it.

I will repeat it here and hope that it makes it through the scrubber. I
will also send out a message to WOS members through our listserv.

Join us for the first WOS Program of the year on Monday October 5, 2015.

Our speaker will be Charles Wurster, author of "DDT Wars," a fascinating
recounting of one of the nation's most important environmental stories
and victories.

WOS meets at the Center for Urban Horticulture (next to the Montlake
Fill) with
social time starting at 7:00 P.M. and the program beginning at
7:30 P.M. All are welcome.

DDT Wars is the untold inside story of the decade-long scientific,
legal and strategic campaign that culminated in the national ban
of the insecticide DDT in 1972. The widespread misinformation,
disinformation and mythology of the DDT issue are corrected in
this book. DDT contamination had become worldwide, concentrating
up food chains and causing birds to lay thin-shelled eggs that
broke in the nests. Populations of many species of predatory and
fish-eating birds collapsed, including the American Bald Eagle,
Osprey, Peregrine Falcon and Brown Pelican. Their numbers
recovered spectacularly in the decades following the ban.

During the campaign, DDT and five other insecticides were found to cause
cancer in laboratory tests, which led to bans of these six
pesticides by international treaty in 2001. This campaign produced
lasting changes in American pesticide policies.

The legal precedents broke down the court "standing" barrier, forming the
basis for the development of environmental law as we know it
today. This case history represents one of the greatest
environmental victories of recent decades. DDT is still
"controversial" because it has been deceptively interjected into
the "climate wars."

This campaign was led by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF),
founded in 1967 by 10 citizens, most of them scientists,
volunteers without special political connections or financial
resources. Their strategy was to take environmental problems to
court. There were many setbacks along the way in this exciting and
entertaining story. The group was often kicked out of court, but a
few determined citizens made a large difference for environmental
protection and public health. Author Charles Wurster was one of
the leaders of the campaign. The first six years of EDF history
are described as it struggled to survive. Now EDF is one of the
world's great environmental advocacy organizations defending our
climate, ecosystems, oceans and public health.

Jane Hadley
Outgoing WOS Board Member

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