[Tweeters] Re: Bar tailed and Hudsonian Godwit at Ilwaco Boat Basin

Mike Patterson celata at pacifier.com
Sun Oct 4 15:02:44 PDT 2015

When I was going through godwits trying to document the Hudsonian on
Friday, I was thinking "wouldn't it be cool to have all three godwits in
one flock?" Well it turns out I did, I just failed to pick it out of
the crowd.

When I saw Khanh's note I went back through the 20+ plus photos I took.
I do not have photos that show an obvious BAR-TAILED GODWIT when they
are feeding, but I do have flight shots.


The bird is apparently big enough and brown enough not to stand out in
crowd at a distance like the Hudsonian. One has to be more thorough
than I apparently was on Friday...

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR

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