[Tweeters] Possible GHOW in Puyallup

Michael Brown michael at flycatcherfile.com
Fri Oct 2 10:16:24 PDT 2015

Last night at my son's soccer practice at Wildwood Park Elementary I caught a glimpse of a large, mostly gray raptor-like bird. It was flying from the northwest corner of the playground near the big toys up into the tall evergreens behind the fence on the west end of the play field. My first thought was Great-horned Owl based on shear size and gray color. It was close to 6 pm. I was unable to locate it later (I'm an assistant coach for the team and was not able to chase after a bird in the middle of practice :-)). Anyway, if you live in the area it might be worth checking out. I'm not putting it on eBird as I didn't get a great look at it.

Michael Brown
Puyallup, WA
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