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Dear Joshua, et al,

Don't know if this will help or if you already know about this article,
but Surfbirds has an article on Dowitcher ID:

Chazz Hesselein
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> I see that the pheasant question has been answered quite well! However, I don't see an answer for the dowitcher question, though I might have missed it.


> The identification of this bird is a bit difficult, because it appears (at least to me) to be an adult nearing non-breeding plumage, when identification is sometimes impossible. However, the overall plainness of the bird among remaining alternate [breeding] feathers (I always think of Short-billed as being "brighter", for some reason) and especially the habitat support this as a Long-billed Dowitcher!:)


> (If I made any incorrect statements, I welcome another Tweeter to correct me.)


> Good birding, Joshua Glant


> Mercer Island, WA


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