[Tweeters] Winter hummingbird feeding

Dottie Belknap dottie at hevanet.com
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I use hummingbird feeder cozies that are designed to hold handwarmers on my
feeders. They come in two styles. One known supplier is here:

Dottie Belknap
SW Portland

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I have used that method, but always hated getting sticky taking off the tape
and replacing the hand warmers.

I wrap non-LED christmas lights, which generate some heat, around the
feeder, that way I don't have to bring in the feeder, or worry about taking
back it out in time. I have another feeder under the eaves near a 75 watt
light bulb--during wet cold spells an Anna's will often sit there.

During the cold months, I also take off the bee protectors on one or more of
the ports, to allow the chickadees, (and any other birds) access. Yesterday
I saw a Chestnut-backed (CBCH) and two Black-capped (BCCH) waiting their
turns to drink nectar. Pretty creative. Fast energy without the bother of
tooth decay!

Christine Southwick
N Seattle/Shoreline
clsouthwick at q.com

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> I have a family of Ana's that live at my place year round. On freezing

> nights I bring my feeders in and I make sure I put them out before

> daylight. On the days that do not reach above freezing I will tape a

couple of hand warmers to the bottom of the feeders to keep them thawed all
day. I think the hummingbirds enjoy the extra warmth during the cold days
and they will sit on the feeder soaking up the heat from the hand warmers. I
buy a big box of hand warmers at Costco and they will normally last a couple
of years.

> Thanks,

> Mike DeRosa





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