[Tweeters] Interesting Raven communication

Rob Sandelin robsan668 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 21:16:47 PST 2015

Last night at 1am there was a major concert of Coyotes just off our property
to the north. Boy did they go on and on about something. Then this morning
there was this very odd noise in the trees and it took me a bit to recall I
had heard this before in Alaska.

I had been told by a local Alaska native that this particular call was the
"carcass" call, and Ravens used it to draw humans or wolves (not at the same
time) to a carcass. I found out later today that our neighbor buried a
donkey on their property about a week ago. The Raven went to 6 spots on our
property and loudly made this call which I can best describe as a metallic
sounding "clink".

It is not uncommon for a raven or two to show up here in the winter and
spring. At the end of the day a vocal group of 11 ravens, the most I have
ever seen here, went flying off to the west. I have read that sharing food
resources makes evolutionary sense as the young birds who are not very good
hunters yet end up getting fed. Looking forward to tomorrows search for the
carcass. I suspect the coyotes have dug it up and it will be a party.

Rob Sandelin

Naturalist,Writer and retired teacher

Snohomish County

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