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Sun Nov 29 08:43:06 PST 2015

Good morning, Tweeters

On my third visit to Juanita Bay Park in just over a week - wow, and I was also able to walk w/out so much pain!! - we found it beautiful with many of the same birds
as the last two visits, but upon meeting a group coming into the parking lot led by Nancy Roberts and hubby (sorry forgot your first name...) were told that there were two Wilson's Snipes!! I was told they are really regulars there - now I will be too!! After only seeing a few in Malheur, I was so excited! The best part was that they were close to the bridge and barely needed binocs!! Don't know why, but this has become one of my favorite birds...(I'd like to do a take on Blair's nemesis bird question and ask folks their favorite bird (any why)- I know, it's hard to pick just one...) There were also a Killdeer or two here. But there ended up being at least five if not ten snipes along the stretch of beach! Fascinating to watch them feeding, poking that long bill up to their eyeballs.

At the main dock, met Charles and Rocky, two photogs snapping up a storm (and I've been birding Cameraless in Seattle since my Scard mishap in Malheur - but sure missed having it yesterday!). Charles id'd a Pintail/mallard hybrid which he was photographing (Charles, pls send me one!). Charles also said he'd seen (a half hour before we got there) two Virginia Rails. I tried to "call" them to no avail.

Rocky was taking lots of photos too and giving me some lens envy (Caryn, remember, you're tired of lugging that equipment around...and lost all those photographs in Malheur...don't do it!) - he had a lovely Green Winged Teal - which were out in force, along with Am. Wigeons, a few Ring Necked Ducks, a few Common Mergansers, more than 7 Trumpeter Swans
a-swimming, (10 but I saw 20 last Monday), coots, many Wood Ducks (this is the first place we ever saw a one - at the bridge), and a Blue Heron in his usual tree perch.

Along the bridge before reaching the water, we saw Ruby Crowned Kinglets, and a Towhee (another one of my favorite birds!!). On the way back from the bridge we saw a Red Breasted Sapsucker!

These beautiful clear, crisp days provided calm waters - but be careful on the boardwalks - very icy and slippery! Hold on to the railing!!

Better stop so my hands can relax and you can read less verbose posts! Go Hawks!!!

Caryn / Wedgwood
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