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Birder1944 at aol.com Birder1944 at aol.com
Mon Nov 23 09:38:08 PST 2015

I'm looking for something new to do in 2016, to spice up my birding, and I
came up with an idea that I call Day Of The Week Birding, or DOTW Birding.
I like making lists and spreadsheets and looking for target species, and I
usually do a year list and trip lists when I travel. I've done Washington
State county birding, which I enjoyed very much, but I got my "39 in 39"
(it took me just over 39 months), and now I'm looking for another project
for 2016.
My idea is to keep a list for each day of the week, for the year. So, I
would have seven lists going, all year long, one for each day of the week.
The idea would be to maximize each list, which would give me targets to
look for each day, based on what I had already seen on that day, earlier in
the year. In recent years I've done a fair bit of traveling, but I expect
to stick closer to home in 2016, with maybe 3 or 4 trips to California and
some short trips within Washington.
Has anyone ever done this or heard of anyone doing it? I'd appreciate
any thought, ideas, or insights, as it is a new idea to me, and I'm sure there
are implications I haven't thought of.
Secondly, is anyone interested in doing it along with me? It could turn
into a friendly competition, but I had cooperation more in mind, helping
each other add to our day of the week lists. It seems to me like it would add
to the fun to have someone to compare notes with, wherever they lived.
Thirdly, I live in Kirkland and I'm retired, so I can go out birding on
any day of the week. I'd be interested in finding a "birding buddy", whether
or not that person wanted to bother keeping a list or not. Weekends only
would be fine, too, and maybe even short trips within the state.
I'm especially interested in any thoughts and ideas on the concept. I
don't know if I'll like it or not, but DOTW Birding sounds interesting to me.
Which day of the week will be my biggest day in 2016? Friday? Tuesday?
It would be fun to find out.
Barry Brugman

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