[Tweeters] Tiny's Land loop in n. Lake Stevens: WW CROSSBILLS

Scott scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 22 21:32:17 PST 2015


Although it was a weekend of very heavy clean-up after the raging storm ravaged our forest, there was time early today to walk the loop route from our place in n. Lake Stevens, and near day's end a few more birds were detected around the yard. The highlight was five WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS that flew east over the yard at about 4:15 pm. These were just our second encounter in nearly 20 years here. We've had regular RED CROSSBILLS in groups of 2-10 at a time lately, but this flock had the distinct "tinny" telephone-wire notes of WW. There were three males and two females, one of the latter being very bright below, with white undertail coverts/lower belly and a light yellowish wash on the upper belly/breast. Obviously, from my angle I was unable to see any wingbars.

Other birds of note were increasing numbers of VARIED THRUSH with a single HERMIT THRUSH showing up in the neighbor's yard. Also, two DARK-EYED (SLATE-COLORED) JUNCOS were in the junco flock at a feeder near 139th and 84th Street NE, nearly right across from the Tiny's Lane road sign. Two each of GOLDEN-CROWNED and FOX SPARROWS were notable here as we get very few. The entire day list is posted to EBIrd.

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Lake Stevens
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