[Tweeters] Slate-colored Junco and other news

Jason Vassallo jason.vassallo at outlook.com
Sun Nov 22 19:07:11 PST 2015

Hey tweets,
I thought I would let you know in case anyone was interested that yesterday I found a Slate-colored Junco along the Seattle ship canal, just north of the SPU track. There is a parking lot just off the end of 3rd ave, and the Junco was just down the path by a gray trash bin. It is hanging out with 2-3 Oregons. I checked again this morning and it was still present in the same area.
Also I had no luck today trying to locate the Great Egret that has been hanging around the locks.
On another note, on my way up to Duvall today I stopped at Tolt-Macdonald and Sikes Lake. It wasn't too birdy at Tolt-Macdonald, probably mostly due to a thick fog. The highlight was an American Dipper, this seems to be a pretty reliable spot for them. At Sikes Lake the highlight was two American Bitterns. One flew over the lake and disappeared, and shortly after another flew across a different part of the lake. The second landed in the open in the field, allowing some awesome looks.
Good birding,
Jason VassalloJason.vassallo at outlook.comSeattle

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