[Tweeters] Mystery duck in Tacoma off Ruston Way

Wayne Weber contopus at telus.net
Sat Nov 21 08:51:33 PST 2015

Good suggestion, Doug— but are you sure that it could not have been a Barrow’s Goldeneye x Hooded Merganser?? I think we are agreed that there is Hooded Merganser in there somewhere.

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This one is likely a common goldeneye/hooded merganser.

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Today I stopped in Tacoma on my way south to look for the female King Eider, which I did find. While I was there I saw another duck, though, and it has me stumped. Here is a link to a page that shows a couple of pictures of it.


I'm thinking it must be a hybrid of one of the goldeneye species. Any ideas?

Barry Brugman


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