[Tweeters] Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) Eagles Pride Golf Course monthly bird walk - 11-19-2015

Denis DeSilvis avnacrs4birds at outlook.com
Fri Nov 20 21:17:42 PST 2015


After significant rain the previous two days, Thursday dawned cloudy and
cool (43degF), but cleared up to partly sunny with a slight northerly
breeze. (Above, the clouds streaming from the north were moving quite
quickly - poss over 50mph.) Eighteen of us had a "fits-and-starts" sort of
day, with many birds observed at some spots, and none at others. Notable
sightings from the 37 species today include first-of-count AMERICAN KESTREL
(a male perched on a power line near the driving range), and a CALIFORNIA
GULL. (Our site species count since inception is now 102! Not too bad for a
monthly walk-around-the-forested-golf course.) Five BALD EAGLES (two pair
were interacting at one point) was a count high. Today marked the return of
RED CROSSBILLS to the count after a several-month absence. And sightings of
VARIED THRUSHES (13) outnumbered those of AMERICAN ROBINS (12).

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The JBLM Eagles Pride GC birders meet the third Thursday of each month at
8:00AM. Starting point is Bldg # 1514, Driving Range Tee, Eagles Pride Golf
Course, I-5 Exit 116, Mounts Road Exit. Upcoming walks include the

. December 17

. January 21

. February 18

Anyone is welcome to join us!

May all your birds be identified,

Denis DeSilvis

Roy, WA

avnacrs4birds at outlook dot com

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