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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and our partners in the eBird Northwest portal (Klamath Bird Observatory/Avian Knowledge Northwest and US Fish and Wildlife Service Region One Migratory Birds Program) are now more formally "in business" for bird-related Citizen Science! This is where we will promote and market bird- and bird-habitat-related citizen science projects for the northwest, recruit observers and observations for our own projects and for other relevant projects, and share protocols for best practices using eBird for citizen science.

Bookmark that page and check back often to the eBird Northwest Citizen Science page especially as we get closer to SPRING and SUMMER opportunities. This will be one of the tools which can help WDFW deliver the Wildlife Program Conservation Initiative: Diversity and Game Citizen Science FY16-17.

WDFW projects may be simple "calls for help" - incidental observations on targeted species or habitats during certain seasons with or without breeding and behavior codes - OR more formally constructed projects with recruitment, training and delivery by WDFW and/or our conservation partners (like Sagebrush Songbirds<http://wa.audubon.org/songbird-survey-eastern-washington-underway>). The 2nd type provides better data for our purposes (status assessments, reviews, conservation action), but for some species and habitats, we just need to get the word out and ask for help from the eBirding community - experienced, knowledgeable, and willing observers.

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