[Tweeters] Skamania Scoters...

Tom Mansfield birds at t-mansfield.com
Sun Nov 15 18:34:09 PST 2015

Hey Tweets - I just got home and uploaded my images from today. Turns out the first scoter I reported this morning from the east end of Skamania County appears to be a juvenile White-winged Scoter instead of a Surf Scoter. Somehow, I hadn't seen the white wing patch in the scope while the bird was snoozing but while I was firing away the camera it changed position and the white patch shows in the photos. The second scoter I reported at Drano Lake was definitely a Surf. Ironically, I already had both of these Code 5 birds for Skamania - wish that I could have found the female Black Scoter that the Koyamas and Websters had a few days ago at Stevenson but that bird seems to have split.

Tom Mansfield in Seattle but still happy about finding Skamania Scoters.

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