[Tweeters] Fwd: Neah Bay Tufted Duck and Tropical Kingbirds

bobs at world-wide.com bobs at world-wide.com
Sun Nov 15 07:16:18 PST 2015

My wife Laurie and I arrived at Neah Bay around 9 am and spent much of
the day
looking for rare warblers and gnatcatcher without any luck.  At the
end of the day I climbed a rock pile to be able to look into the
sewage treatment ponds and one of the weird scaup/ringnecked ducks had
a definite tuft!  Of course after after I climbed down and up again
with the camera all the good ducks were hiding. Then at dusk we walked
out from the hobuck cabins to the mouth of the waatch river to scope
the Meeting and Calif gulls but 2 Tropical Kingbirds got in the way
fly catching from a pile of kelp on the beach. Laurie got pictures of
those and they have very long bills so trki in my book.

Bob Schmidt from Bothell currently enjoying Neah Bay

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