[Tweeters] Question About Site Fidelity in Tropical Kingbirds and other Tyrant Flycatchers

Vincent Lucas vincentlucas5 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 17:03:15 PST 2015

I've tried researching site fidelity for TRKIs and other Tyrant Flycatchers
on Cornell's __Birds of North America" and other sources. Little is known
about this phenomenon I presume. In addition to seeing TRKIs up here in the
Olympic Peninsula almost annually, while I used to lead field trips for for
8 years to Storm Treatment Area #5 (STA-5) near Lake Okeechobee, FL, when I
lived in Naples, a Tropical Kingbird showed up there for several years in a
row in late Fall into Winter. One was seen again there today. Yes, it
vocalized and was recorded doing so. In BNA, there isn't even a mention of
TRKI overwintering or returning to South Florida, yet alone anything about
site fidelity. A few Cassin's Kingbirds, Western Kingbirds and
Scissor-tailed Flycatchers and sometimes Vermilion Flycatchers are annual
in South Florida. Not all birds seen are post-breeding dispersal birds
either. I suspect the same is true for TRKIs seen in the Olympic Peninsula
and other areas of Washington. Different subspecies than the ones in
Florida? I think the whole concept of site fidelity among Tyrant
Flycatchers needs to be investigated in depth. Maybe a PHD thesis for some
aspiring graduate student in ornithology? Comments welcome.

Vincent Lucas
Port Angeles, WA
vincentlucas5 at gmail.com
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