[Tweeters] Anyone interested: India Sri Lanka Dec-Jan?

barry levineb at fastmail.fm
Fri Nov 13 18:05:14 PST 2015

Sorry for the lateness of posting this opportunity, but here goes.
Looking for 1 or 2 at the most to join in for part or all of a tour of
India, and Sri Lanka. I have set up a tour of India and Sri Lanka in 4
different parts.
The first will be Dec 3rd thru the 27th with a highly recommended guide
and company. I will send the itinerary if you are interested (it took up
too much space for this to go through Tweeters)

>From the 28th until Jan 6th I will be on another tour that is already

full, so you would be on your own for that time period.

>From Jan 7th until Jan 18th I will be in Sri Lanka. Tour is the typical

itinerary with one of the best known guides in the area. There is a
whale watch for part of one day to look for blue whales

>From the 19th until Feb 2nd will be in the Andaman Islands and then on

to Kerala. You could do both or leave out the Andaman's (5 days 4
nights). Also with a one of the best known guides, to all known places
in typical itinerary.
1st priority birding and then wildlife. Photographers would have to be
willing to have those priorities. Would of course be willing to work
that out before we go. The tours don't have open days for cultural
events but you could opt out of days to do that on your own.
Indian visas can be problematic if you want to be there for more than a
month. Otherwise easy to get a 30 day visa on arrival. Same for Sri
Lanka. If you already have visas you're set.
That's the info to at least get us started. Would need to know for the
first part in about a weeks time. For the third and fourth parts in
about 2 weeks. Again, sorry for the lateness of posting this, but tours
have just been finalized.

levineb at fastmail.fm

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