[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, Ling Co.) 2015-11-12

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at frontier.com
Thu Nov 12 16:30:07 PST 2015

Tweets – We had a really nice, birdy morning today. Until 8:30. Then, it felt like the barometer was plummeting, and suddenly we had virtually no birds at all. There were a couple of highlights after that, but certainly from 8:30 to about 10:00, things were moribund.


SWANS Silent overflight of 3, with ??? a goose ???
Northern Shoveler Ollie saw some fly down the slough
Also, 1 at Rowing Club First of Fall
GREEN HERON Juvenile at Rowing Club
- gulls - First flock of fall on the grass fields. No surprises
BARN OWL Two or more flying around East Meadow, airplane field
N. Saw-whet Owl Matt heard two just east of the boardwalk, pre-pre-dawn
Pileated Woodpecker Two flew towards lake, far side of slough
AMERICAN KESTREL Gorgeous male, Fields 7-8-9
Cedar Waxwing Part of the group saw about 6. Otherwise, gone?

The BARN OWLS gave a great show, with many good looks from the Viewing Mound. At one point we saw two together at the south end of the East Meadow, but there were birds WAY out to the east of the model airplane field as well, so there may have been more than 2. One was still flying around, including making close passes of the Mound, when we needed to leave at about 6:53 a.m. Maybe they were frantically trying to hunt before this storm. Luckily, very few early crows about.

We were walking past the heronry when 3 SWANS were spotted overhead. Silent, of course. They were flying in tight formation with a fourth bird, definitely smaller and dark. We’re hoping photos can identify the fourth bird. Never seen a goose flying in a swan formation, but that’s what it looked like.

For the day, we eked out 52 species for the day.

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