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Perhaps worth a forward to TWEETERS if someone would please.

While in the San Juans, Orcas Isle. in Deer Harbor, this week we spotted
what looked a bit like a Steller's Sea-Eagle in sub adult plumage.

This is such an unlikely sighting and was so brief that I have been
reluctant to post. Looking at lots of pics of this species in sub adult
plumage prompts me to at least share the remote possibility...

Briefly seen perched and then flying away, and somewhat screened by trees
was a large dark eagle with the following unusual field marks:

Linda first commented that it looked like it had a wedge shaped tail.

We both noted the odd head/neck plumage, like the salt and pepper effect of
a human going gray, quite like photos I viewed on line.

The beak was not well seen but did not appear to be transitioning into the
characteristic bright yellow, it was darkish.

As it flew off I noted a large white patch in the tail with dark tip.

The flight was heavy and direct towards a distant tree line.

The amount of white on wings and body did not stand out, we were still
wondering about juv. Bald Eagle but puzzled at the marks we were seeing.

So, briefly seen in a tree and flying away, mostly screened by trees, a
very tantalizing eagle species. Seen Monday, 11/9/15

Steve Jaggers
Linda Neumann

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