[Tweeters] Safety

Sammy Catiis hikersammy at msn.com
Wed Nov 11 11:01:54 PST 2015

Hiya Tweets,

I don't tweet much, but I did want to call you to action.. and to also let you know..

There have been many < not several.. car break in's at Hayton Reserve on Fir Island. So please be aware of that.

Also, while at Eide, there were a bunch of kids looking for trouble. BUT, I didn't stand down or go away.. I took photos.. followed them and then along with some birders that I had never met, stayed and talked and made them feel uncomfortable. As the boys decided to walk.. I hollered over at them, letting them know, hey, if they don't have a pass, the Ranger is usually here at this time.. (I gave a time that would be within the half hour) that they would get ticketed.. which is actually true. However I remembered later that they don't drop of pheasants on Sunday night. Well, one kid said he was covered, and I said, OK, great, have a good walk. They didn't walk far and they all left.. in the same 4 trucks that have been there before tearing the grounds up.

PLEASE, if you see questionable behavior.. call it in. CALL IT IN.. don't worry or wonder if you should. 911 as a non emergency. And stand your ground. Get others to stand with you and keep these areas free of drugs and crime.

Thank you for doing your part, and to the birders Sunday.. who ever you were.. for standing up with me!


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