[Tweeters] Re: White-crowned sparrow singing

Jason Hernandez jason.hernandez74 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 10 20:48:42 PST 2015

We get that in Bremerton, too -- mostly in Evergreen Rotary Park, which seems to be a WCS stronghold here. They also sing later into the spring here than some other Tweeters have said -- at least until mid June.

Jason Hernandez

Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 12:31:45 -0800
From: Izzy Wong <gobirder at gmail.com>
Subject: [Tweeters] White-crowned sparrow singing
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Hi Tweeter types,

We've had a White-crowned Sparrow singing in our yard for a few weeks. I
love it, although it doesn't sound like the familiar complete song I'm used
to hearing. I don't believe I've ever heard one singing this late in the
year. How common is this autumnal White-crowned Sp. singing?

Also, the Pine Siskins are back as of yesterday. And we noticed a brief
visit of Evening Grosbeaks, as well.

Lately, our yard has been quite the place to be, with lots of birdies
showing up to the party. Seems like fun for them until one of the
neighborhood pussy gatos crashes the party.

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