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starlings "murmurate" in autumn. if i am not mistaken, november is the peak
month for this activity (well, it is in europe.)

if you wish to read a little more about HOW starlings (and shorebirds) do
this without crashing into each other, you might enjoy this:


it also includes a stunningly beautiful video of a starling murmuration by
two amateur filmmakers (who are now probably professionals).

On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 2:30 AM, Tim Brennan <tsbrennan at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Interesting evening in Renton! First off, there were a dozen Cedar

> Waxwings hanging about, which got me wondering when exactly they skip

> town. I still want to get them on the Christmas Bird Count, but they seem

> to run off at the last minute!


> 3 billion starlings flocked together around 5:00. Okay maybe only a

> couple thousand, but I don't see this happen often. Does this happen year

> round? It was stunning to see them clouding the sky.


> The evening crow commute caught my eye too. Hundreds of them passed

> through downtown Renton and I came to think of it as an Interstate... But

> not the only one! In my head it seemed like one could just about map out

> the morning and nightly movement of the crows through South King County.


> Hmm.


> Tim Brennan

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