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Starlings would be correct, although there is also a large gathering of crows in this area each winter. I've seen the crows completely fill a parking lot nearby, just gathering on the ground prior to flying en masse to their communal night roost. The article that accompanies the news report indicates that both groups of birds were in the area at the same time, possibly leading the filmer to mistake the starlings for the crows, Still - - - great video, huh!

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Morning Tweeters,

On local news a video (this am on NWCN) of murmurating
birds in Renton. Person filming thinks it is crows, but I'm inclined to think
starlings, looking more like the videos I've seen of them (starlings) in

Any thoughts on this? (I'm thinking they may, but not to the
spectacle of starlings, but then I shouldn't put it past them...)

Caryn /
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