[Tweeters] Who's that knocking at my door?

Douglas Daily dfdpaf at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 9 06:26:53 PST 2015

Yesterday (Sunday) we arrived early at our church (Seattle Wedgwood area). I unlocked and started the coffee. When I went up to the foyer I heard a sound -- a strong thump. Then thump, thump. It sounded like someone slowly pounding near our front door. Who would do that? I looked through the door window -- nothing. Thump. Thump. Way too loud and slow to be a flicker.

I opened the door and looked to my right, then up. The outline of a large crested bird. A pileated woodpecker!

Trying to dismantle our roof!

We've seen them in Seattle before but not in this area. It hung out in the trees for awhile.

Doug Daily
dfdaily at gmail.com

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