[Tweeters] Re: Western Scrub-Jays Seattle Central Area

Jane Hadley hadleyj1725 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 13:32:23 PST 2015

Yes, Jill, after many years of being present but in discrete locations
in very small numbers, I believe the Western Scrub-Jays may be breaking
out a bit in Central Seattle. At least, that seems our experience in our
neighborhood near MLK and Olive.

Ten or 15 years ago, one first appeared near 30th and Harrison, I
believe it was. Then about five or more years ago, we noticed one or two
along E. Pine Street on both sides of MLK. Now they have come into our
yard at 30th and Olive perhaps 10 times in the past few months.

I had a striking view of one several months ago in our back yard
underneath a suet feeder. The scrub-jay came in to use the feeder and
was shortly confronted by two Steller's Jays, who perched above and on
either side of the Scrub-Jay. They were sqawking loudly at it. The
Scrub-Jay sat frozen (on the ground, as I recall) for a minute or so and
then flew off--harrassment seemingly successful. This really seemed as
if the Steller's Jays were making a statement about their "ownership" of
the territory and the suet feeder. However, a number of passerines use
the suet feeder, and I have never seen the Steller's Jays making such a
statement to them.

Perhaps the competition with Steller's Jays is one reason Scrub-Jays
haven't multiplied more quickly in the neighborhood, but it does seem as
if they might be on the increase a bit.

Jane Hadley

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> I’ve been seeing a lot of Western Scrub Jays in Seattle’s Central Area. Today I saw three in the same tree, at the corner of MLK and Rainier!


> Jill

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