[Tweeters] Neah Bay Part 2 and King Eider

Doug Schurman doug at bodyresults.com
Fri Nov 6 11:26:32 PST 2015

With more great birds being seen in Neah Bay fellow Raven Loonatics
teammates Sarah Peden, Jordan Gunn and I returned to bird on Monday. We
arrived Sunday night so it was easy to be out birding before sunrise with
the time change. The day was fantastic with outstanding weather and with a
number of rarely seen birds being around. Some of the highlights were:
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Tufted Duck, Tropical Kingbird, Clay-colored Sparrow,
Snow Bunting and Palm Warbler.

The three of us also made a quick dash down to Tacoma at sunrise yesterday
for the King Eider. With some patience she returned back close to shore for
some nice behavioral observations. While watching her feed I also saw
interesting feeding by a gull and a Horned Grebe.

Here are pictures form Neah Bay on Monday and the King Eider


Happy Birding

Doug Schurman

NE Seattle

p.s. If you missed the part 1 photos from Neah Bay and want to see
them click the link below:


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