[Tweeters] Neah Bay Area November 3

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Tue Nov 3 19:16:52 PST 2015

On my way to Neah Bay today I had the enormous good fortune to run into Brad Waggoner, Paul Lehman and Barbara Carlson somewhere east of Sekiu.  I then had the privilege of joining these extraordinary birders for the rest of the day also joining Ryan Merrill in Neah Bay.  Details are for Brad to convey as he chooses.  Highlights were a Blue Gray Gnatcatcher found by Brad in Clallam Bay and a Tennessee Warbler first seen by Barbara maybe 6 miles east of Neah Bay.  I got at least good ID photos of each.  Both are lfe state birds for me.

Among other birds seen were 2 Snow Buntings, a Wilson's Warbler and a Palm Warbler.  No Tufted Duck, Tropical Kingbird, or Clay Colored Sparrrow today.  Weather was extraordinary as was birding with this group.

I split off a little early and as I was watching a Northern Harrier low over a field along the river, I had a very fast flyover much higher by an adult male Northern Goshawk.   First look I have ever had where I could see rhe supercilium.   Earlier we had a Peregrine fly almost right towards us with blood on its beak and a Green Winged Teal in its talons.  Got a super photo...right before it relinquished its prize to a Bald Eagle.  Excellent day!!

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