[Tweeters] Close encounters with Stellers Jays

Rob Sandelin robsan668 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 14:07:10 PST 2015

Did some trail work on our wetland trail today and had a visitation from a
pair of Steller's Jays. They were poking around close by, using their bills
to lift the bark off of some fallen alder branches and acting at times like
woodpeckers, tapping the bark to check it for looseness. They made a soft
"wheedle" sort of call back and forth to each other. I found this easy to
mimic and to my surprise and delight, when I made the "wheedle" call both
birds flew in very close and looked at me as if to say.Yeah? What do you
want? Entranced by this new power I decided to test it and let the birds
wander almost out of sight. I "wheedled" again and both came right up to me
again! Just then the sun broke through the clouds and both birds were
positioned so the blue of their feathers went iridescent. They blazed so
brightly. Magic!

They followed me around for awhile as I continued trail work and every once
and awhile I would call them in. After 7 times in a row of their coming to
my call, they finally stopped. I suppose it got boring for them. An
interesting encounter.

Rob Sandelin

Snohomish County

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