[Tweeters] Trumpeter swans, snow geese back! near Monroe

Jody Breckenridge jbreckenridge at r2usa.com
Tue Nov 3 10:55:38 PST 2015

This morning around 8:30 am. They're in the farm fields on the south side
of Crescent Lake Rd (off hwy 203) near the wildlife hunting area. Fields
are flooded right now and still some water over roadway (at the usual place
on Crescent Lake Rd) but easily passable for now. Counted 5 adults w/3
juveniles at the edge of the flooded area; then watched as three more
beautiful adults glided in for a successful landing into the mix. In a
nearby field I also saw a few adult snow geese; many youngsters;
interspersed in a flock of Canada geese and gulls.


Jody Breckenridge, north of Monroe, rural Sno Co

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