[Tweeters] Pheasants near Mason Lake in Mason County

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Thanks for pointing this out Mary.  Comment and a question.  Last year at Eide Road I heard and then saw a beautiful male Pheasant about 5 minutes after see a release truck leave the parking lot as I pulled in and wondered how often I had countef released birds.  Which leads to the question "which Pheasants are real?"  Is it geography? Timing?  Pheasants in Washington are an "introduced" species like many other gallinaceous birds.  What/where are our stable sustaining Pheasant populations?

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Subject:[Tweeters] Pheasants near Mason Lake in Mason County

Most of the pheasants around Mason Lake and anywhere along Hwy 3 between Allyn and Shelton are released birds.  I have a neighbor who volunteers with the Nat. Resources folks who release pheasants in that area each fall.  Just a couple weeks ago he gave me a tail feather as a souvenir.


Mary Hrudkaj


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