[Tweeters] Summer Tanager - Woodland Bottoms

Lora Minty lora.minty at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 16:36:06 PST 2015

There was a Summer Tanager at Woodland Bottoms, Cowlitz County, today
around noon. The bird was located in the slough area off Dike Road about a
half mile south of Dike Access Road. The GPS coordinates for the specific
tree are: 45°55'30.1"N 122°47'52.3"W

The pictures are poor, but we had a good look at a large tanager, with a
large bill and head shape matching a Summer Tanager, and no wing bars.It
flew several times and we lost track of it within 20 minutes when the rain
started back up. Hopefully the Flickr links work:


By the way, the fields around Dike Road were loaded with raptors, egrets,
herons, & cranes. Most interesting were 2 Rough-legged Hawks.

Bill Bradford & Lora Minty
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