[Tweeters] Mason County Forest Festival, and..

Tim Brennan tsbrennan at hotmail.com
Sun May 31 19:55:35 PDT 2015

Hey Tweets!

Nothing too exciting! I'd left the brochure lying around for the festival, and my daughter decided we should go. We were there on car show day, rather than parade day, which would have been more up all of our alleys.

Stopping at Sanderson Field, where I mistakenly thought I would find the entrance to this year's fair, I found species 158 (Swainson's Thrush) and 159 (Chipping Sparrow) for the Mason County yearlist. On the way back home, I rolled down the window at Purdy Cutoff, and got an earful of Western Wood Pewee (160).

Ohh!!!! And I got an I <3 Shelton t-shirt for free, which... Come on... It's pretty amazing.

Tim Brennan

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