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Fri May 29 00:17:15 PDT 2015

Sorry for using my nickname, but I'm an ornery ol' bat and I haven't posted
since being chastised there for. And, 'tis much too important for all
those young, modern, fellow chasers not to post. Was down in the Klammath
Wildlife Refuge. Asked at headquarters about the Tris. They had been
reported near the bridge south of Merrill, OR. Now, back in the 70s I
counted a blackbird with red wing spot and no yellow border down in
Sacramento. Since found they would have been the Bi-colored race of
Redwing. '02, down in Klammath. saw a bird with clearly red, bordered by
white. Jumped in the camper to retrieve my scope, only to see a few fly
away, leaving only Redwings. Did the same thing down in the Patagonia area
with the Ruddy Ground Dove, and Texas with the Whimbrel. Whoopee, there
they are, grab the scope...where'd they go? Think an ol' bat would learn
to first study and enjoy them with the binos. All that aside, the
Tri-coloreds were reported earlier in May, and, finally, I definitely saw
them on the 25th. The estimate, I believe, was a couple hundred. And,
such a wonderful, noisy group! Coming and going to the north, I assume to
feed. Pure joy! They are spread along the south bank, in what looked like
Nettles, east of the bridge, south of Merrill. Didn't look like they were
going anywhere. Males scattered and displaying. Anybody heading that way
might check it out.

Great birding! Love all you bird nuts!

Arizona M
Grant County
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