[Tweeters] need pictures of local yellow birds

Christine Southwick clsouth at u.washington.edu
Thu May 28 10:24:38 PDT 2015

I'm writing one of my Shoreline Area News "For the Birds" articles, and although I have some pictures of yellow birds seen here locally, I am looking for some higher quality:
Orange-crowned Warbler

American Goldfinch--hopefully male & female in one picture (summer plumage)

Yellow Warbler male or female

Western Tanager--female or non-breeding male

If anyone would like to share one of your pictures with me (and the readers of shorelineareanews.com), I would appreciated it. Your name will accompany the picture.

(I am satisfied with the Wilson's Warbler and the Evening Grosbeak pictures I have)

Thanking you for your attention,

Christine Southwick
Shoreline Area News "For the Birds" columnist
N Seattle/Shoreline
clsouthwick at q.com


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