[Tweeters] Vashon Yellow-headed Blackbird and House Wren pair

Ed Swan EdSwan2 at Comcast.net
Thu May 28 08:57:52 PDT 2015

For those looking for King County list House Wrens or Yellow-headed
Blackbird the two species are hanging out close by each other on the edge of
Vashon town. The House Wren pair is frequenting a fence line of feeders and
bird houses on 103rd about 15m in from Bank Road, just a ways west of the
intersection of Bank Rd and Vashon Hwy, the four way stop in town. The
Yellow-headed Blackbird, either female or first year male, is hanging out at
a feeder on the west side of the apartment complex bordering the large
field west of town on 178th just west of the post office. You can reach
this location by continuing on from the House Wren spot south on 103rd about
75m and then taking a left on 178th or can continue south from the
intersection of Bank and Vashon Hwy on Vashon Hwy one block to 178th and
take a right. Go through a four way stop, pass the post office and storage
business on the left and the blackbird comes to a feeder at the apartment
closest to the road facing the open field.

Both of these locations are private property but viewable from public space.
The blackbird people definitely don't mind birders but the House Wren people
haven't been talked to. Please just be sensitive to how much you end up
pointing optics into window areas.

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