[Tweeters] Eagle with a tag

Terry Sargent Peart terry.peart at outlook.com
Wed May 27 17:18:56 PDT 2015

I work at Cedar Hills Landfill, out between Maple Valley and Issaquah. There are a lot of eagles hanging about most of the time. Recently we spotted an adult eagle with a large yellow tag on both of it's wings. It has just the letter 'A' on both of them.Does anyone know where I can find out some information about this eagle and why it was tagged?I put a picture of the eagle on my blog (not a birding blog) if you want to see it. It looks like it might have leg bands, too. But it's hard to tell.http://terrypeart.blogspot.com/2015/05/eagle-a.html
Thanks,TerryWest Seattle
terry s peart at outlook dot com

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