[Tweeters] Willow Flycatcher Makes Yardlist!

Greg Pluth gjpluth at gmail.com
Wed May 27 15:40:06 PDT 2015

It was actually last Thursday evening just before 9 pm. A bird appeared in
the small apple tree just off my deck, 20' from my kitchen window. It
seemed different from all the "usual suspects" that frequent my feeders in
that tree. Because of the low light I grabbed my optics in a flash (they do
provide more light). As the bird flitted about I easily discerned the Empid
shape and size. Expecting a Pacific Slope, I saw NO white around or esp.
behind the eye. Throat to belly clear whitish. Too small and light overall
for Western Wood. I conclude it could be nothing but Willow. I live in a
University Place condo - not the best bird habitat. So my 45th yardbird is
one I doubt I'll see again here.

Earlier that day I'd been out to South Prairie seeking the Dippers
announced on Tweeters. I found the pair mentioned and found another mated
pair a mile and a half up stream! The Dipper is one of my faves and they
offered decent photo opps, my first ever.

Good Birding.

Greg Pluth
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