[Tweeters] Still One Bad Mother

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Mon May 25 15:31:58 PDT 2015

Yes, I've been bragging about it for years here on Tweeter's, about what a" Bad Mother" I am. Had to clear that up back in my Anchor Pub days with the local Bandito biker gang - they were ready to kick my "bad-ass" in, until they found out I was just talking about Moths.
Well, years later, I'm still not a much better Mother, but I did find a really cool moth lately that I was able to ID - neato.
Today I'm fresh in from being" Mean Mister Mother". Mowing the lawn, that is. Try singing the following to the tune of the Beatles " Mean Mister Mustard":
"Mean Mister Mother, he never stopsmowing moths, - he's a Moth Mower.
Ignoring the quiet moth screams,he mulches the poor little things,ending their little Moth dreams, just a mean old Moth mower.Just a mean old Moth mower."
Well, it almost works. Just the kind of thoughts I come up with when mowing lawns, etc.
Anyhoo, as a sensitive fern-feeler type guy, I wasn't really trying to mow moths, it was just that there were so many of them springing out the lawn just ahead of my mower that I'm afraid that I plumb mulched a few. Sorry! Most of them were some sort of Underwing Moths ( members of a tribe of largish moths, probably a common introduced species) that appeared suddenly out of the fairly short lawn, like a "rabbit-out-of-the -hat" sort of trick. While the forewings are pretty dull mothy brown, when they fly the underwing is revealed to be quite colorful - a nice mothy surprise. Real pretty, I think.
Well, the sweat from my first round is just about dry, so back out to mow the moths - er, I mean lawn. I'll try to be nice about it.
Jeff GibsonOne Bad Mother Port Townsend Wa

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