[Tweeters] Video: Anna's Hummingbird Nests in Discovery Park

Tom Talbott tom.talbott at gmail.com
Fri May 22 14:45:41 PDT 2015

Dear Tweeters,

>From Feb 8 to Apr 5 I spent many many hours monitoring a pair of

hummingbird nests that I had found in Discovery Park. The first nest I
found as the female was putting the finishing touches on the nest and
followed it through the raising of a single nestling. The second nest I
found just days before the fledging of a pair of nestlings.

I wanted to share these videos for any hummingbird lovers out there. I
found the whole process very educational.

Part I: https://youtu.be/MxRMFR5GXP0?list=PLtp4wPKS521hfi3_9OUMSikOYD3CHSa_e
Part II:


A collection of video and stills combined with ambient sound that are a
meditation on two Anna's hummingbird nests found in Discovery Park,
Seattle, WA.

Part I: On the Edge of Civilization

An Anna's hummingbird nest is found on Feb 8, 2015 next to the hustle and
bustle of human civilization. The nest is just being completed. Sixteen
days later, a single nestling is seen and is raised until it fledges...

Part II: Reluctant Sibling

A second nest with two siblings is found Apr 3, 2015. After much practice,
the elder sibling leaves the nest on the second day only to return by the
end of the day. On the third day, after repeated prompting by the elder,
the younger sibling eventually fledges...

Tom Talbott, Jr.
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